Coverage Options

Coverage can be further extended to include the following options:

(1) Major Medical (veterinary fee coverage) – Coverage subject to an annual aggregate deductible of $300.00 with optional limits of:

  • $5,000
  • $7,500
  • $10,000

(2) Permanent Infertility (Accident, Sickness or Disease) – For Stallions to cover the risk of permanent and total infertility resultant from accident, sickness or disease during the policy period.

(3) Surgical Coverage – pays for reasonable and customary fees for surgery and after care expenses during the policy period.

(4) Loss of Use – Pays up to a designated percentage of the sum insured in the event that an injury or illness permanently prevents the insured horse from participating in one of its insured activities.

(5) Barrenness/Unborn Foal – Covers the multiple risks of mare failing to conceive, carry the fetus to term, and/or fail to give birth to a live foal.

(6) Agreed Value endorsement – if the value of the horse at any time during the policy period was equal to the limit of liability, the insured will be paid in that amount.

(7) International transits and Worldwide extension to a U.S. Policy.